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   Angel is everyone’s favorite. Her mission is to help little girls love themselves inside and out. With her kinky brown hair and brown eyes, she is ready to take over the world with you. She loves trying new things. If she doesn’t know something, she is not afraid to ask questions. She believes in community and hard work. She didn’t always love her hair but now that she does, she wants to help you loves your hair too!

  • The 18-inch Angel doll has brown eyes and kinky brown hair.
  • Her favorite activities is to spend times with her family and friends 
  • Her favorite outfit is beautiful pink tutu dress
  • She loves to make new friends and style her hair
  • She is confident and is dedicated to accomplish her goals
  • She aspires to be a Social Worker
  • She can accomplish whatever she put her mind into
  • Outfit may be different from what you see in the picture