Kind Kinara






Celebrating Diversity

With Beautiful Multicultural Dolls & Accessories

I made a promise to create dolls that would provide that connection for other kids. Through my vision of inclusion for all children wanting to identify with something special to them, Fusion Dolls was created. It is a platform that gives parents easy access to black dolls. I believe it is important to learn about self-love at an early age. Since most little kids tend to identify with their dolls, having a doll that looks like them can help build their confidence. Every child deserves to know they are beautiful just the way God created them. Fusion Dolls' mission is to spread diversity, awareness, and encourage our children to love themselves inside and out!


She is beautiful Just sent to my almost 4 yr old granddaughter for Christmas; let's see what she thinks


My daughter loves her baby doll! Wonderful quality and arrived quickly!


The doll is beautiful!! It shipped so fast I was surprised to see a package on my doorstep! BUY FROM HERE! You will not regret it. The owner is so incredibly responsive and helpful. Thank you for your help!! I can’t wait to get Angel in a few months!


Kirah LOVES LOVES LOVES the doll! She says it is the best doll ever. She loves that her hair is so close to her hair and her sister's. Thank you so much!!! Angel is beautiful! She named her Sunny though. Because she is her sunshine she says 


Perfect new best friend. My 18 month old granddaughter fell in love at first site and immediately walked around the entire apartment with her new best friend like she's giving her a tour. ♥ This is beauty and quality. Thank you so much for the care you put into your dolls. Wish I could buy one for EVERY little girl on the planet.


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