About Me

I was born in Haiti, a predominately black nation. I can remember as early as the age of 9 battling self-appreciation and self-esteem due to the bombardment of toys and media imagery fair complexion women with sleek straight hair.

I remember that the perception of self-love started to enter my mind when my uncle gave my sister and I a black doll to share. I loved that doll. Some of my first memories are of my sister and I fighting over our Barbie. That doll was special because it was the first time we had a doll that looked like us. We were so shocked to see that one existed that we just stared at her in amazement. Now I try to help girls of all hue by creating a diversity of dolls that looks like them. Empowering them to love their looks.

I made a promise to create dolls that would provide that connection for other kids. Through my vision of inclusion for all children wanting to identify with something special to them, Fusion Dolls was created. It is a platform that gives parents easy access to black dolls. I believe it is important to learn about self-love at an early age. Since most little kids tend to identify with their dolls, having a doll that looks like them can help build their confidence. Every child deserves to know they are beautiful just the way God created them. Fusion Dolls' mission is to spread diversity, awareness, and encourage our children to love themselves inside and out!