Motivated Malaika


Malaika means “angel” in Swahili. Just like her name, she is as sweet as can be. Kindness is her superpower! Motivated Malaika’s mission is to help little girls stand up for what they believe in and work hard to make their dreams into reality.

With her personality, she can get out of any trouble. Whenever she starts something, her energy is so strong that it’s contagious. At this time, she is motivated to fight for equality and justice. She helps her mom make signs for her to go protest and make calls to elected officials to make sure that they are making changes in her community


The 12-inch Maliaka doll has brown eyes and curly black hair. Her favorite activities are helping her mom in the kitchen and play with her cat Prince. Her favorite outfit is beautiful pink tutu dress She is ready to play dressed up She is confident and is dedicated to accomplish her goals When she grows up she wants to be a lawyer She lights a spark everywhere she goes